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Your garage easily takes the most wear and tear out of any space in your home. Harsh winters, hot tires, oil spills… the list goes on. Our process transforms your garage floor with a stylish and durable finish. Our innovative coatings go a long way in improving the safety, aesthetics, and cleanliness of your garage. With several color options, you will be sure to find the option that fits what you are looking for.

Most homeowners simply don’t know what they can do with their old concrete floor. Let’s talk about some of the potential options. Some homeowners take the cheapest option with floor paint. You can find it at most of the big box stores. For a cheaper option than a polyurea / polyaspartic coating, you can go with an epoxy coating. But epoxy will most likely chip/peel in 2-3 years (sometimes much sooner.)

The most durable option to invest in is a polyurea / Polyaspartic coating with Comer & Cross. Our coatings have a chemical bond with your concrete that creates an extreme level of adhesion that epoxy can’t match. Our coatings are slip-resistant, chemical resistant, completed in one day, and 4X stronger than epoxy coatings.

Polyurea / Polyaspartic Chip System

Epoxy has the reputation of having a low price & coming in all kinds of colors. At Comer & Cross we know that epoxy doesn’t last. With Comer & Cross premium coating solutions, there is no need to sacrifice color for durability. Our colorful broadcast chip system has a textured surface that is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. Our Chip System is available in a variety of colors including shades of black, blue, and gray.

Learn more about our services and how our team of experienced contractors has what it takes to transform your garage floor in just one day!

Concrete vs Epoxy

Our 1-Day Installation Process

Step 1: Preparation

To secure proper adhesion we prepare the concrete with diamond grinders and dust collectors to make sure there is a smooth surface with no dust.

Step 2: Concrete Repair

Repairs to pits, Craters and cracks using high quality mender.

Step 3: Basecoat

Our Polyurea basecoat is applied.

Step 4: Vinyl Chip Broadcast

Chips are broadcast ensuring full coverage. They add both texture and color.

Step 5: Scrape and Sand

Installer’s scrape/sand the surface when the polyurea basecoat is cured.

Step 6: Clear Coat

Roll our 100% UV stable Polyprotic clear coat.

Colors You'll Love

Concrete Flooring - Before (1)Concrete Flooring - After (1)

Our Chip System

The chip system we use ensures you peace of mind for decades. Some of the top features of our concrete floor coatings are: 

What our Clients Say

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is what sets us apart from our competitors and has earned us 5-star ratings across the web. Below is a collection of testimonials from customers about their experiences with us.

"I recently had my back patio done, and it looks fantastic! In and out in a day, my husband and I are more than satisfied."

“My garage floor was falling apart, after the crew came in it looks like a brand new garage. High quality work."

"Comer and Cross transformed my mid 60s garage into a brand new one. Simple, quick, easy. 10/10 recommend."

“They are very professional. Showed up at 8. Finished by 4 o’clock. I love my new floor. Now the neighbors are Jealous."

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