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How we install the Most Trusted & Long Lasting Concrete Floor Coatings

Our sales team at Comer & Cross Concrete Coatings gets asked all kinds of questions every day. Questions regarding durability, pricing, color options and much more! Our team of trusted sales professionals is here to help. Their expertise is unmatched when it comes to floor coatings.

We often hear from our customers just how helpful our free estimates are. What exactly occurs during an estimate and why are they so valuable?

After you call one of our sales representatives to schedule an appointment, you’ll receive a text confirmation regarding your appointment information. This is what will happen on the day of your estimate:

Free Estimate Process

Step One:

Upon arrival, one of our sales representatives will give you an overview of what we are going to do. The sales representative shows a 2-minute video of exactly what happens when Comer & Cross coats a floor. This includes grinding, repair, and the coating process.

Step Two:

Our sales representative wants to know what YOUR needs are. Should it be slip resistant? Do you want your floor to be easy to clean? Are you looking for a long term solution? We want to get a plan ready that is right for you!

Step Three:

After the informative sit-down, the sales representative takes a moisture test, and then uses a laser measuring tool to get exact measurements without moving a thing!

Step Four:

Choose the color that catches your eye! Our sales representatives have several different colors that you can look at. Do you prefer tan, blue, grey? We have an impressive selection!

Based on the information that our sales representatives gather, they can give you a project price right on the spot! If you accept the proposal, you and your sales representative will schedule your installation.

You can see why our customers find these in-person estimates so helpful. The knowledge shared in the 20-minute meeting is amazing. You get to ask the sales representative questions and hear their advice on what works best for you. Our quoted price is good for a year, so if you prefer to wait that’s OK!

We want our customers to love their new coated surfaces – that’s why we want one of our experts to take a look!

What you want your space to look like is up to you! When considering turning around your garage floor or other surfaces, give Comer & Cross a ring. We promise you won’t forget us!

We know exactly what is on your mind: Isn’t this coating just another epoxy? Absolutely not. Our 1-Day concrete coating system turns your old beat-up floor into a masterpiece.

Our job is to protect your current concrete slab from common issues such as cracks and pitting. Our Polyurea / Polyprotic system is the perfect solution to revive your garage floor. An epoxy coating system may look great the first day it’s installed, but many homeowners find the product failing after just a couple of months.

Concrete vs Epoxy

1-Day Installation Process

Step 1: Preparation

To secure proper adhesion we prepare the concrete with diamond grinders and dust collectors to make sure there is a smooth surface with no dust.

Step 2: Concrete Repair

Repairs pits, craters, and cracks using high-quality mender.

Step 3: Basecoat

Our Polyurea basecoat is applied.

Step 4: Vinyl Chip Broadcast

Chips are broadcast ensuring full coverage and adding both texture and color.

Step 5: Scrape and Sand

Installers scrape/sand the surface when the polyurea basecoat is cured.

Step 6: Clear Coat

Apply our 100% UV stable Polyprotic clear coat.

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