Professional Concrete Floor Coatings in Novi MI

Are you looking for an easy and effective way to breathe new life into your Novi property? Is your home or business dragged down by a stained and crumbling concrete surface? Then make the investment to revolutionize your residential or commercial property with a high-quality Professional Concrete Floor Coating Services in Novi MI.

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For years, the Comer & Cross Premium Concrete Coatings team has been the go-to contractor across the Southeast Michigan area. We provide our 1-day coating installation with superb customer service at an affordable price. And with our industry-leading 15-year warranty, you can discover firsthand the Comer & Cross difference in efficiency and craftsmanship.

Durable and Aesthetic Concrete Coatings for Novi Properties

Between natural usage and wear and tear, concrete floors don’t last forever. And if your concrete surface is constantly met with harsh conditions like chemical spills, abrasions from furniture, or cracks from objects falling, then it really won’t last forever—not even a few years.

Comer & Cross can protect your concrete surface with a first-rate coating. Our coatings properly adhere to the surface so they’re tough and able to withstand all sorts of impacts and hits. It’s essentially a shield that’s both durable and aesthetically pleasing for your floor.

Signature Polyaspartic and Polyurea Coatings for Better Results

Most second-tier concrete contractors either cut corners or skimp on their products by using traditional epoxy. While epoxy is popular and somewhat durable, it doesn’t hold a candle to a polyurea coating system. In fact, our polyurea and polyaspartic coatings are 4 times stronger than epoxy. So when you choose us, you’ll have a surface that’s:

Our Novi Coating Services

We are your go-to service whether your project is large or small or for a home or business. We don’t want anything to stand between you and the property of your dreams. The Comer & Cross team is expertly trained to tackle your Novi flooring project.

Let’s level up your garage with our garage floor coating service. We understand that garages are unique, special rooms, designed for all sorts of purposes—such as storing your precious vehicle or hosting ping pong tournaments. For that reason, a garage needs a versatile surface that can handle everything thrown its way.

Most basements are used just for storage and laundry, and as a result, they can be forgotten about. Get the most out of your property by installing a basement coating that’ll bring new life and energy downstairs. Our basement surfaces complete the room with a floor that handles heavy-duty equipment and storage paired with furniture for relaxing.

From the moment they walk in, impress your customers with a new commercial coating. Our coatings are 100% customizable and come in countless designs, so we can craft the perfect surface to complement your building. And, with our durable and low-maintenance floors, you’ll uncover endless functional benefits too.

Speaking of functional benefits, every industrial warehouse or facility needs a coating specific to industrial buildings. Comer & Cross can install a new, high-performing coating in just 1 day, so you and your team can get back to work!

Why Choose Comer & Cross?

Comer & Cross is where high-quality results meet superb customer service. We intentionally offer the best products so you’ll have a floor you cherish for years. Plus, we take pride in our 1-day coating installation process, which means you can get back to enjoying and utilizing your property. So don’t hesitate to discover why more and more southeast Michigan properties are turning to Comer & Cross for their projects.

Invest in Your Property with Comer & Cross

Want to learn more about the benefits and processes that come with a new coating installation? Or are you ready to take the first step towards a better Novi property by requesting your free quote? No matter your situation, contact us today to book your free consultation or secure a free project estimate.



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