Durable Garage Floors In Colors You’ll Love

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Choosing strength while keeping your style

You will want to invest in a heavy duty coating that will handle the cars, toys and more. Comer & Cross offers a variety of color options to choose from!

No need for paint or epoxy to get the look you want.

Polyurea / Polyaspartic Chip System

Epoxy has the reputation of having a low price & coming in all kinds of colors. At Comer & Cross we know that epoxy doesn’t last. With Comer & Cross premium coating solutions, there is no need to sacrifice color for durability. Our colorful broadcast chip system has a textured surface that is perfect for areas with heavy foot traffic. Our Chip System is available in a variety of colors including shades of black, blue and gray.

Thinking Resurfacing your Garage Floor? Comer & Cross can handle it!

We know there are plenty of DIY options available for garage floor coatings. However, choosing the cheap option could cause a big headache. Hiring Comer & Cross will save you  time, energy, and trips to home depot. We’ll install a polyurea/polyaspartic coating that is made to last for years to come. Our expert floor technicians can install polyaspartic coatings in just one day. 

So, What are the best garage floor options for homeowners?

Most homeowners simply don’t know what they can do with their old concrete floor. Let’s talk about some of the potential options. Some homeowners take the cheapest option with floor paint. You can find it at most of the big box stores. For a cheaper option than a polyurea/ polyaspartic coating you can go with an epoxy coating.But, epoxy will most likely chip/peel in 2-3 years (sometimes much sooner.)

The Most durable option to invest in your home with is a polyurea/ Polyaspartic coating with Comer & Cross. Our coatings have a chemical bond with your concrete that creates an extreme level of adhesion that epoxy can’t match. Our coatings are slip resistant, chemical resistant, completed in one day, and 4X stronger than Epoxy coatings.

Premium Colors

Choose from a diverse range of premium color options for your concrete coatings at Comer & Cross. Elevate your space with vibrant and customizable flake color combinations, creating a stunning and personalized finish.


We provide premium concrete coating services across the region of Southeast Michigan and the Cleveland area.