Comer & Cross VS Epoxy & Paint

How We Fix Epoxy Floor Failures in Metro Detroit using polyaspartic?

Comer & Cross Concrete Coatings has completed 900+ coating projects. The projects consist of garages, basements, industrial, residential & commercial spaces. Our installation crews have tried a number of products that claim to be long lasting solutions for both new and damaged concrete floors.

At first, we used epoxy. It was promised by suppliers as a solution that would look fantastic and hold up against the harsh winter months for years. Unfortunately, only one of those promises were true. Epoxy performed for the first 6-12 months and then tended to go on a downward spiral.

Epoxy has a tendency to peel, delaminate and has a lifespan of only 2-4 years. This product did not meet the standard for Comer & Cross and our clients. Ever since our realization, Comer & Cross has been committed to polyurea / polyaspartic coating systems that meet our criteria for appearance and durability.

Our pure polyaspartic / polyurea concrete coatings are 4X stronger and 5X more flexible than epoxy. This means that they will not chip, crack or peel under extreme temperature change or heavy use. Our Polyurea /Polyaspartic Coatings are long lasting because they form a chemical bond with concrete. Because of the product’s strength and fast cure time, our installations require experienced professional installers.

Here, at Comer & Cross we see a ton of DIY & Professional epoxy jobs. Time shows that epoxy is only meant to last a few years. If you are tired of redoing your epoxy floor every 2-3 years, we can help. Contact us to learn more about what we can do to fix your epoxy flooring failure and why our innovative coating systems are the safe choice for your space.

How do they Compare?

Besides the fact that our concrete coating takes just 1 day for installation, we have created a quick comparison between epoxy and our concrete solution to help you make the right decision:

4X stronger than epoxy
Prone to hot-tire pickup
More flexible
Known to delaminate
Chemical bond
Mechanical bond
Easy to maintain & clean
Known to peel, chip, and crack over time
100% UV stable
Stain easily

We know exactly what is on your mind: Isn’t this coating just another epoxy? Absolutely not. Our 1-Day concrete coating system turns your old beat-up floor into a masterpiece.

Our job is to protect your current concrete slab from common issues such as cracks and pitting. Our Polyurea / Polyprotic system is the perfect solution to revive your garage floor. An epoxy coating system might look great the first day it was installed, but many homeowners find the product failing after just a couple of months.

Concrete vs Epoxy

Only The Best

At Comer & Cross we understand quality. That is why when it comes to your property we only offer the best. Our team doesn’t settle for temporary solutions, and neither should you. Your floors should be able to handle the daily wear & tear- while maintaining a timeless appearance. Epoxy just doesn’t make the cut for us and this is because it is simply just a quick fix.

We look forward to working with you on your residential or commercial project!

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